Thursday, August 6, 2009


The picture to my left is of our subject "Flo" (pic courtesy of Wikipedia). She is an employee of Progressive Insurance. Based on Flo's awkward mannerisms, hyper-fixation on a single subject, lack of understanding of basic social rules, and odd mannerisms, it is probable that she falls somewhere on the Autism-Asperger's Spectrum.

Flo is capable of holding down employement, but it appears that it must be done in a very sterile and non-stimulating environment, indicating that she also probably suffers from ADD-HDD, which is not uncommon in Asperger's cases.

I am concerned about the amount of supervision she receives. There does not appear to be any management or supervisors in Flo's workplace to guide her interactions with customers and the other staff members. She displays inappropriate behavior at work (openly flirting with customer's who want to purchase motorcycle insurance and engaging in conversations about paranormal abilities with other customers). She is also oddly fixated on both her name tag and the rate display in her workplace. Without supervision and guidance, these fixations could be detrimental to Flo.

I believe that Flo may also be under some peer pressure at home. She does not seem to show the kind of interests or aptitude to fashion her hair and make-up in the style that she wears, indicating that there is another party, probably a close friend or family member who has studied Cosmetology, doing this to her. They should be informed that Flo does not work on a street corner and they should stop doing her make-up like a whore.

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