Friday, August 21, 2009

Why aren't you reading...Power Girl?

While I am a bigger fan of Marvel comics, DC has done a much better job of putting out comics that are just plain fun: Suicide Squad, Secret Six, the relaunched Doom Patrol/Metal Men combo, Green Arrow & Black Canary, and this book. One that doesn't get as much recognition as it deserves.

Power Girl exists within the greater DC Universe, but avoids the over seriousness that plagues Batman and the Green Lantern series right now. The stories are a throwback to the kind of plots you would see in silver and bronze age comics. The first arc featured the Ultra-Humanite deciding he wanted to be a hot woman and attempted to blackmail Power Girl into giving up her body by levitating Manhattan a few miles up and threatening to drop it.

Unlike other comics which feature exaggerated and impossible physiques, Power Girl is very self aware, without breaking the 4th wall like you would find in She-Hulk. She know what she looks like and it is played for humor.

Artist Amanda Conner is doing a great job here. The art work is clean and detailed, but without being distracting. It's not photo referenced or photoshopped, which adds to the charm of it's bronze age feel. It looks like and feels like classic George Perez work. I'm not normally a follower of a particular artist, I usually follow writers, but her work is such a relief after the heavy, overly stylized or realistic look that most main stream comics have these days, I'm going to keep an eye out for other comics with her name on them. I also have to say that the coloring job is fantastic as well. It looks digital, but feel hand colored, again, adding to the lighter, fun feel of the comic.

Finally, the comic is accessible. It starts with Power Girl trying to build up her secret identity and with issue #4 it adds a POV character in the new Terra, who's learning the ropes of being a super hero from Power Girl.

Check this comic out, it's worth it.


Captain Sam said...

What do you mean Power Girl doesn't have an exaggerated physique? Granted I've yet to a pic of her with cleavage that would break a normal woman's back. But she has fairly exaggerated physique.

Hades said...

She has one, but unlike other comcis that feature characters with improbable or impossible physiques, she is aware of it, instead of it being treated like the norm, as it is in X-Men. She has to deal with the fact that she has a rather epic build, and it is used for comedy.