Friday, September 4, 2009

Secret Worlds MMO & New Dungeons & Dragons MMO

The website for Secret Worlds (a horror/conspiracy/dark world MMO from Funcom),, has a quiz up to see which faction you should join. You get a little facebook icon and some graphical swag for taking the quiz, but it also enters you in the Beta test pool. So if you like Betaing game, you know what to do.

Going back a bit into history. Atari had partnered with Turbine to produce DDO. Then Atari bought Cryptic. Then Atari decided not to extend any more of the Dungeons and Dragons license to Turbine for them to produce more DDO games (which is good, Turbine did a huge disservice to the license and alienated a lot of players and fans and took a really good game and ran it into the ground in a matter of months). Now Atari has put the Dungeons and Dragons license in the hands of Cryptic.

Turbine sues Atari, Atari is sueing Turbine, and Cryptic is producing the Forgotten Realms based MMO, Neverwinter Nights.

Great, my currently two most hated MMO producers are fighting over who gets the chance to destroy my favorite game for the third time around. First Wizards of the Coast, then Hasbro, then Turbine, now Cryptic gets a shot at molesting my adolescence. Look guys, my childhood wasn't asking for it. It wasn't wearing that short skirt and pole dancing like Miley Cyrus. Please leave my childhood alone.

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