Friday, September 18, 2009

Why are you reading...Blackest Night?

Since comic book purchasing statistics came online, sometime around 1215 AD, Marvel has regularly bested DC in the top single issues and money made (DC does seem to do better in trades though, weird). This changed with the Blackest Night crossover, which has been the dominant comic book for the past couple of months. Black Hand, possessor of the Black Power Ring, is bringing the dead back to cause fear and take over the universe.

First, this series is continuity heavy. How many current comic readers know who Sue Dibny is and what her significance to the Justice League is (the entire Identity Crisis seems to conveniently be ignored on a regular basis in DC comics anyway)?

Then the main part of the series is giving Secret Invasion a run on it’s title of longest mini-series that took almost no time, 3 issues + 1 Green Lantern tie in to tell a story that takes about half an hour.

Third, they already brought in a new character to tell everyone what the hell is happening and how to stop it. Holy Dues Ex Machina! Of course, this involves getting the cooperation of at least one person who won’t want to cooperate. Don’t know how they plan on solving that one, but the easy answer is to have Sinestro go cave their skull in and take his ring.

They probably won’t do that, but I just solved the entire problem in what, take about 3 pages to draw?

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Captain Sam said...

Now they have green, yellow, black, red, orange, purple, & blue power rings. I swear, it sounds like DC is turning the Green Lantern series into some wierd combination of Rainbow Brite & Captain Planet.