Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Apple Blues

We got a brand new Mac with Snow Leopard at work. Can't make Safari/Firefox resolve names. Works just fine for internal resources through finder, but even going to my intranet site by its alias is no go. Can reach it by IP address though.

So far, Apple tech support is stumped by this (I am currently at 3rd level technical support).

As an added note if you ever wanted to hear Bob Dylan played through the worst speaker ever made, call Apple and have them put you on hold.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Of Iphones and computers, of cabbages and kings

Well, work replaced my Blackberry with an Iphone as part of a money saving project. With this now being the 4th Smartphone I've used, I can easily say it is the worst. Features I take for granted on a basic phone, like setting alerts individually for different message types, setting any mp3 as a ring tone, individual control of vibration,different profiles based on situation are all missing.

As a smart phone (or as an mp3 player) I am missing the function to just open up the device in windows and drag and drop files, something that has been present on every other smartphone and mp3 player I have owned (never had an Ipod before, and after this, I will never get one).

I also hate the fact that I have to use Itunes to sync the damn thing and that the sync isn't as granular as on my P910, Treo, or Curve. I can also only have it sync with 5 different computers (so far, I've had to use up 3 of those home, work, laptop).

It's also cheap and flimsy. Everyone in the city who had a smart phone got one, and we've had a number of them break already (we've had them for less than a week at this point) at work we went and got Otter Boxes for them, which helps in the cheap and weak feel but hurts with screen visibility.

I have many other gripes about this piece of trash. The on screen keyboard is too small, the magnification is pathetic, and a lack of body buttons means I have to flip through menus as opposed to one touching my way to frequently used functions.

All in all, if we could get Exchange to push to it, I'd rather go back to my 2g Sony P910.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Fist of the Northstar game coming
With footage!

Hells yeah! Fist of the Northstar is at the top of Japanimation Splatter porn. Even the live action movie, with the criminally underused in his time Gary Daniels and Chris Penn (I'm a connoisseur of cheap '80's-'90's martial arts flicks), is giddy, cheezy fun. Heck, the original 8-Bit Nintendo game was amusing with it's head inflating and popping animation.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Yeah, oh, hell Yeah. This is good. Zombieland isn't the best movie this year, but it's to movies what those name radio stations (Bob, Jack, whatever) are to radio. It doesn't want to be your favorite, but it want to make it's mark by being everyones second choice.

It isn't the funniest movie this year, that's the Hnagover. It isn't the best action flick this year, that's GI Joe. It even mixes in some serious drama and discussion on the human condition.

This movie has it all and Bill Murray. Very funny, very good, and easily worth the $26 bucks it cost me and 20 Small to see it. Go see this one.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Reasons why I love my wife...Part X of a Y Part series

She fully supports my decision to have coded a "Serve the Taters!" button on my employer's Overtime Signup interface.