Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Apple Blues

We got a brand new Mac with Snow Leopard at work. Can't make Safari/Firefox resolve names. Works just fine for internal resources through finder, but even going to my intranet site by its alias is no go. Can reach it by IP address though.

So far, Apple tech support is stumped by this (I am currently at 3rd level technical support).

As an added note if you ever wanted to hear Bob Dylan played through the worst speaker ever made, call Apple and have them put you on hold.


Captain Sam said...

I'm curios as to what you get when you ping a site.

Captain Sam said...

The only site I can find that MAY be of any help is Experts Exchange ( but you have to be a member to see the answer. Every other site I see assumes you are having problem with only one website.

Also, have you talked to your ISP? Maybe tehy might have some insight into what is going on.

Hades said...

Not an ISP issue, it isn't even making it that far. There is a problem with Snow Leopard and DNS resolution with some DNS server set ups (I just got confirmation from Apple on this today). They are able to duplicate the problem, but are currently not sure of a work around.

The problem is that even when the system is authenticating through AD (which this one is), it is not automatically appending the domain name to the end of the host name to form the FQDN.

So what occurs is that we have an IP filter appliance that has an alias in the DNS record of "Gotcha".

When the system (both Safari and Firefox) attempts to contact "Gotcha" it fails to append the domain name ( to the end of that to resolve the IP address.

If I manually append the domain name it then works fine, gets the IP address from the DNS server and all is fine for that session, but if you close your browser and open it up again, you have to do that again.

It's annoying, not debilitating but annoying.

Hades said...

Also, if you know where the hell the hosts file is in OS X 10.6, clue me in. It isn't located at etc/hosts (Unix Standard) or private/etc/hosts (where 10.5 had it). If I can just drop the alias in the host file, I'm pretty sure this will work, or it should barring Apple having completely re-written the way TCP/IP works inside their little world.