Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kludging for a Better Tomorrow

Few people believe that we are as tough on computer equipment as we are at work. When asked why I spend extra to buy Panasonic Toughbooks over standard Dell laptops, I told the gentleman that as it is we break about 6 Toughbooks a year and as long as it's under warranty, Panasonic asks me no questions about how it happened, which is good, when you consider that these damn things are literally bulletproof, trying to determine how one would rip the screen when it is mounted in the cab of a vehicle is something I care not to contemplate.

I have also found it to my benefit to be a horrible pack rat. Between budgetary concerns and the slowness of the purchasing process, it's often better for me to just kludge together a solution. Hence I have shelves and cabinets filled with parts and half working examples of the electronic history of mankind.

That leads me to today. Sitting behind me on the shelves above my servers are 9 Toughbooks in various states of destruction. Between them all, I was able to locate one working hard drive to repair a tenth Toughbook whose drive had crashed.

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