Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rogue Warrior Rap

My friends know how much I liked to first 4 Rogue Warrior novels by Richard Marcinko. They also know I have an signed copy of his book on management in my collection, and how I took a day off of work to go to the signing (at I time I was broke). So of course I plan on picking up the Video Game, probably after Christmas. But I ran across this little gem.

Sound clips from the game arraigned as a rap over the closing credits, with Micky Rourke as the voice of Demo Dick, which honestly isn't that far from how the real Marcinko sounds.

The Rap is NSFW, but man I want a sound bite of Micky growling out "Cocksucker" for a ring tome for people I hate.


Captain Sam said...

So do you think Richard was framed by his superior officers when he went to jail for fund misappropriations?

Hades said...

Sorry I'm so slow about responding to comments, I need to be better about that.

But no, he did it. In his biography he admits to it. If he saw something he thought his men needed, and they wouldn't give it to him he took it.

I just think it is amusing how much time and money went into getting him for it, it was easily 10 times the value of what he misappropriated.

I also find it amusing that I personally know of a civilian at Goodfellow AFB that used government property in the commission of multiple felonies,as well as violations of copyright law, got caught doing it twice, and one time was unpunished, the other he had to pay back some money to the government, but got to keep his job and avoided any criminal charges.