Thursday, June 30, 2011

$30 Pull List for 6/29/2011

This is a very light week, only 2 comics that were actually on my pull list, leaving me enough to give Gotham City Sirens a reprieve, pick up a Captain America One-Shot and Witch Doctor #1. Did GCS deserve it? Do we add the first Image title to the pull list since the Chromium Age? Is the Cap A 1 and done worth it? Find out on this episode of…The $30 Pull List.

Justice Society of America 80 Page Giant 2011 #1: DC needs to shorten their titles. I’m a JSA All-Stars man myself, but I tend to dig these DC anthology giants. This one does not disappoint from the start. It opens with a 10 page Steve Nile Specter story (I would totally buy a Steve Niles Specter ongoing. Someone let Dan Didio know and make it happen). The second story is a poorly done Dr. Mid-nite, Tomcat, Judomaster story. The writing is well below average with art that looks like a ‘70’s era Charlton Comic (is it ironic in a story about Judomaster?) with modern coloring by an artist with a poor grasp of anatomy. The story literally ends without actually ending, like there was another page they just decided not to publish. Afterwards the issue carries on with a Dr. fate/Alan Scott story, a Jesse Quick story, an interesting but out of character Alan Scott story, and finishes with a Howard Chaykin everyman story. All of those are good, but not top tier.

Chopping Block:
Uncanny X-Men #539: Repeating a phrase I will be saying a lot for the next 2 months, this issues burns off an obvious fill-in before the series cancellation (and re-launch with #1). Hope goes hoodie shopping, gets kidnapped by a character so obscure, I had to wiki them, and Wolverine pulls the save. Both inoffensive and unremarkable.

Witch Doctor #1: The 1st issue of a 4 issue run, it reads like a Dr. Who by way of BPRD. Not a bad comic with an interesting hook. Should be fun.

Death Row:
Captain America: Rebirth #1: A one-shot tie in that is for the movie crowd new to the character. It reprints 5 Lee/Kirby Cap stories including Cap and the Red Skull’s origins. All are recolored, re-inked, and re-lettered and framed by a few pages of new work. All of them have been reprinted elsewhere numerous times, I’m pretty sure the origin was even reprinted last year in connection with the character’s 70th anniversary. If you have copies of these, not worth it, if you like Cap and don’t have copies and don’t want to read the black and white Essentials, it’s…it’s still not worth it, really. It’s a buck an issue for reprints of 50 year old comics.

Gotham City Sirens #24: Pick of the Week. Yes, the pick of the week is a comic that got cut, between the light week and Tom putting a copy in my box anyway, this got a read. This is both a testament to how good this issue was and how weak this week was. Harley, who successfully used a Batman Gambit to get to the Joker then waffled on whacking him, uses a bit of psychology to take out former friend Poison Ivy. Her and Mr. J continue to use the chaos in Arkham to try to escape leaving OTB and Catwoman to stop them. This was a fitting end to the series which has at least 1 lame duck issue coming up.

Total price: $22.68, but really should have been $17. Had I known more about Cap: Rebirth going in, I would have passed.

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