Thursday, July 14, 2011

$30 Pull List for 7/13/2011

Texas Comics didn’t get any copies of Birds of Prey in and Ghost Rider #1 sold out making this a light week again with some extra pick ups. Still turned out to be a very good week.

Red Skull Incarnate #1:Pick of the Week Missed this last week, got it this week. If this doesn’t turn your stomach, you’ve lost your humanity. It’s meant to make you sick, you are watching a sociopathic racist being formed. It shouldn’t be happy, or uplifting, or anything positive. It does its job. It does it superbly and economically. There are no wasted words, no wasted art. When you are done, you feel heavier for it. A masterpiece of a first issue.

Captain America #1: Let’s start with how many times do I need to see the Captain America/Orbit gum ad in a single comic? Apparently the number is twice. The first issue in the new Cap solo ongoing opens with a bang, intertwines some flashbacks better than the recent New Avengers run and closes strong. A solid pick up, but not to Brubaker’s usual standard. Of course a bad Brubaker comic is generally better than 75% of everything else on the stand.

X-Men Schism #1: Another 2-fer on the Orbit ads. An interesting opening (not counting the prelude I didn’t bother to read) to the split of the X-Men into two different factions. Normally, we might discuss the recycling of plots, but as it has been close to five years since the X-Men did that last, I think the statute of limitations is up. It’s actually a good little story with some character development in Wolverine, showing the other side to the brutal killer and walking one note gimmick he has been for the last few years. It actually sets up a not only plausible, but deeply philosophical and logical reason for Wolverine going against Cyclops and echoes back to Cyclops’s revolt against Professor X. I don’t think it’s coincidence that Marvel has featured the roots of that conflict in their current free to read digital issues.

New Avengers #14: Coming in with a double shot of Orbit ads, we have this week’s Fear Itself tie in issue. Mockingbird is back and testing her limits, Spidey gets uppity, and Nazi giant mecha is smashed. New Avengers has been slipping lately and is dangerously close to Death Row, this issue did nothing to help that, but it also didn't hurt.

DC Comics Presents: Batman Noir #1: Due to financial issues, there was a good chunk of the '00s where I didn't by comics, so I completely missed Brubaker's Bat related comics. I've read Gotham Central and Catwoman in trades, and now DC has reprinted this one. It's a good read, more of a Commissioner Gordon story with a Gotham City in 1949 than a Batman story with a backup reprint of another batman issue from 2001. Worth the price of admission.

Total price: $25.93

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