Thursday, July 21, 2011

$30 Pull List for 7/20/2011

Overall, a really good week in comics. A week that is stacked like Power Girl, smooth like Snake Eyes, and bright as Solstice. Went over budget, still had to cut two issues, and honestly, two others should have been cut to keep budget. But I'm a sucker, and besides ARAH and JLA, almost everything else was still very good.

Snake Eyes #3:Pick of the Week. Promotion to Perma-Pull. Continuing from where last issue left off. Alpine is in a bad way as Iceberg and Helix play a slow game of cat and mouse to evade the Ice Vipers. Snake Eyes says more with a look than most characters say with full page exposition. Slice and Dice join in to put Snake to the test. Good, good stuff.

Uncanny X-Men #541: Plans 1 and 2 to stop Hammer Bros. Juggernaut fail decisively. With the exception of a minor coloring error, the issue is without flaws, but flawless doesn’t make something top tier, but it is still very good, and that’s enough to get this promoted to Solid.

John Constantine Hellblazer #281: This issue finished off the Gemma trying to kill John plot. Rushed, poor pacing, but not too bad. Not as good as the issues leading up to the marriage, but still above average.

Power Girl #26: Say it with me: This issue burns off an obvious fill-in before the series’ cancellation. And not a very good one either. If you haven’t got this one, you aren’t missing anything. I’m a big Power Girl fan, and I barely paid attention for the entire 22 pages.

Avengers Academy #16: A fear Itself Tie-in. As per usual, this comic shines when it deals with the emotional aspects of being a hero as opposed to the actual heroics themselves. The first half is Hank Pym v. Absorbing Man. The second, and superior, half is Veil and her attempt to rescue a woman trapped in Washington DC during Sin’s attack.

Titans #37: This issue does a good job of building to next issue's climax and series end. With Jericho back, the team is divided on the use of resurrection technology, and a fight breaks out. Still some questionable art choices, and it doesn't look to be finishing as strong as it started, but good enough to buy.

Teen Titans #97: It will be with sorrow when I say goodbye to this incarnation of the Teen Titans. It has been a very good run, it has introduced, reintroduced, or rejuvenated a number of characters, and is really the best of what long term storytelling and continuity are about in comics. It has only three issues (Comic Shop News says #100 is the final issue, so expect a Teen Titans every 2 weeks for the next 2 months) to go before all of that work, all of the good will, all of the amazing stories are cast aside for the redo of a marketing ploy that failed in 1995. This issue concludes the arc that cements Solstice as a good character, shows character development in both Ravager and Superboy, and drives a wedge between Beast Boy and Raven. It's a good, climactic end to a story in the Titans Tradition of ending strong with a massive battle against the forces of evil by relying on teamwork, determination, and friendship. This run, the past 40 or so issues, 3 years of solid work, have been the best of what superhero comics are about. Fuck you DC.

Cinderella Fables are Forever #6: Caps off the second Cindy mini-series that has been superior to the main Fables line. It also clears up a continuity issue from the Escape from the Golden Boughs arc of Jack of Fables. Not as strong as the previous issues, seems comics in general has a problem with strong finishes recently, but still good.

Chopping Block:
GI Joe: A Real American Hero #168: While the new Joe steps up its game almost every issue, GI Joe: ARAH gets worse. This was a serious step backwards in writing and art. It creeps oh so close to Death Row.

Justice League of America #59: Sigh. I know this series and the collaboration of this creative team is ending, and with the last three issues, they need to be split up. Once again, a simple and obvious error in the artwork (middle panel page 2 features the death of a character who reappears on page 5) shows a lack of caring. One issue left in this run, and it can't come soon enough.

Death Row:
In a heavy week, things get cut. This week Witch Doctor #2 and Captain America Corps #2 both got the chair. No tears will be shed for their passing.

Total Price: $35.61


Clara Fructuoso said...

on JLA#59 there's no lack of caring, character on page 2 is Dick Grayson, and character of page 5 is Bruce Wayne, with the other old members of JLA, take your time before to write reviews, and maybe you will not write wrong things like this one

Hades said...

Please look again. Both Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson Batman appear on that page. One in the lower right corner, the other just below Superman's trailing boot and above Green Arrow's head.

If you can tell me who the other person in the cowl is, I will certainly listen to it.

Dani Sampere said...

the small head is red robin

Dani Sampere said...

but certainly, we can't see it good enough and there's some confusion, I'm apologize for that, but was hard to do, so much characters in not much space.

Dani Sampere said...

and the colorist done it grey too like batman,but the idea was red robin.

Hades said...

Thank you, I appreciate the clarification, from the artist no less.

I appreciate the time you took to look me up and shed some insight into what happened.

It's errors like that and what happened on Titans Annual #1 that should be picked up by the editors. And my comments on not caring are really directed at them. I know a lot of people contribute on every comic, mistakes happen, but ultimately, it comes down to the editors to locate and make sure those mistakes are fixed before the issue is published.