Thursday, July 7, 2011

$30 Pull List for 7/6/2011

This week sees a new comic enter the Precious Passageways of Perma-Pull Penumbra. Pulses pound as former partners pounce in Titans. Penguins are pulled from polar waters and fed to predatory persuaders. Platonic professionals silently profess passion in the pile of the Pitt's perilous predicament. Pretty pleasingly positive period on the Pull List.

Blue Estate #4:Pick of the week I'm a sucker for a good, slow burn crime noir story. Blue Estate has it. Russian mobsters financing a Steven Seagal proxy's movie as a front to launder money. Everyone looking to take a piece of the pie themselves. Good stuff, and well worth the admission price.

Secret Six #35: Gail Simone once again brings the goods as the team goes to visit the Penguin (who Gail writes very well, much like in Birds of Prey from last year). I think someone slipped LSD into King Shark’s blubber, because he’s loopy, and Bane decides to be a crime lord, since he is destined for Hell anyway. I lament this comic's eventual passing.

Gi Joe #3: Really close to Perma-Pull, really, really close. Zartan and Storm Shadow continue to wreak havoc in the Pitt, which definitely puts Satori in the front running of the civil war, especially if he has a plan to capitalize on the chaos. Another mid-level player bites it in a Star Trek 2 way (even gets a shout out) along with 2 minor Joes, Scarlet looks like she might be over Snake Eyes (or at least going for a rebound affair), and Tomax takes three in the back.

Chopping Block:
Thunderbolts #160: One of the multiple issues tying into Fear Itself whose focus is attempting to stop Juggernaut, this time, just outside of Chicago. For a tie in issue of a mini-series I am not following (despite it spinning out of Captain America, which tells you just how poorly this one was marketed that I’m not following a Cap A related super crossover) it was actually pretty good. Some development on Man-Thing and Satana that I imagine will come center stage once the crossover ends takes place in the opening. The art is still a major detractor from this series, except for the surrealistic/cubist/runic inside Juggy’s head part. Otherwise a step up from previous issues. A few more of these and T Bolts just might become Solid again.

Uncanny X-Men #540: No fill this time, but the second of this week’s pick ups focusing on stopping the Jugster, this time as he comes to stomp the pervert out of San Francisco (I say that with both love, good natured ribbing, and as a take on the motivation of one of the characters in the story). The Jugman’s impending stompage bookends a pair of human pieces as Kitty Pryde and Collosus debate how to handle what Illiyana did (what did she do? I have read no other X-Books in years) and Namor, sensing a fight he cannot win, attempts to have one last night of passion with Emma Frost and tries to drive a wedge between her and Cyclops, who is consulting with the mayor on Magneto. No action, but a good build up.

Titans Annual #1: This was a fairly good story, well written, and the art, while off model wasn’t necessarily bad, and most of the problems came with Arsenal, who was drawn to look about 15 instead of the mid-twenties he is supposed to be. Where this issue falls down is the editing. Page 36, lower left panel, Starman is shooting a plasma bolt thru Jade. You can tell by the writing that this was intended to be Cinder. It even looks like the artist drew it to be Cinder, but the colorist (Hi-Fi in this case got confused, thinking that where the bolt hit Cinder was actually Jade’s logo, and then went with it, coloring Cinder as Jade. Now, I don’t blame the colorist, as they probably got the page unlettered and made a simple error. It happens. I blame the editors. Why? Editors are there to pick up and make sure mistakes are corrected. This book has 4 editors, 2 directly on this book and 2 in executive positions. You mean to tell me that none of those four looked at this and saw the error? That’s either incompetence or just not giving a fuck. In light of last month’s JLA issue, I’m leaning towards not giving a fuck. I mean, who cares? Series is cancelled next month any way. I care, the customer cares, and if you want us to keep caring, get your heads out of your asses and start TCB.

Total Price: $28.08 (including a new box)

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