Monday, July 25, 2011

Response to my JLA #59 review

For my less than dozen fans that may not have read the comments on my last $30 pull list, let me bring something forward to everyone.

Let's start with me original comment:
Sigh. I know this series and the collaboration of this creative team is ending, and with the last three issues, they need to be split up. Once again, a simple and obvious error in the artwork (middle panel page 2 features the death of a character who reappears on page 5) shows a lack of caring. One issue left in this run, and it can't come soon enough.

That prompted this response from Clara Fructuoso:
on JLA#59 there's no lack of caring, character on page 2 is Dick Grayson, and character of page 5 is Bruce Wayne, with the other old members of JLA, take your time before to write reviews, and maybe you will not write wrong things like this one

I responded with:
Please look again. Both Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson Batman appear on that page. One in the lower right corner, the other just below Superman's trailing boot and above Green Arrow's head.

If you can tell me who the other person in the cowl is, I will certainly listen to it.

Well, someone could tell me who it was, Dani Sampere, the penciler on issues 58 and 59 (his blogs leading image is actually the pages in question). Here's Dani's explanation:
the small head is red robin

but certainly, we can't see it good enough and there's some confusion, I'm apologize for that, but was hard to do, so much characters in not much space.

and the colorist done it grey too like batman,but the idea was red robin.

It was very cool of Dani to respond, and to apologize for something that wasn't his fault as well.

And finally, my response to Dani:
Thank you, I appreciate the clarification, from the artist no less.

I appreciate the time you took to look me up and shed some insight into what happened.

It's errors like that and what happened on Titans Annual #1 that should be picked up by the editors. And my comments on not caring are really directed at them. I know a lot of people contribute on every comic, mistakes happen, but ultimately, it comes down to the editors to locate and make sure those mistakes are fixed before the issue is published.

So that's it. Page 5, the second Batman is supposed to be Red Robin, but a mistake in coloring happened.

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