Thursday, August 11, 2011

$30 Pull List for 8/10/2011

Another low volume week for the Pull List, but this time, it isn't bolstered by quality. Even looking to spend another $13 at the shop, I couldn't find anything I felt worth $2.99. Cloak & Dagger almost made it, but the last handling of them left me flat, I'm burned out on crossovers (hey Marvel, at least finish one Avengers based event before you start the next), and I couldn't care less about Spider-Man.

Blue Estate #5: The Rachel Situation is finally being handled. And her brother is being manhandled. For an issue that did the most to actually advance the plot, it was a weaker read than the character development issues that preceded it. Still really good.

Criminal Last of the Innocent #3:Pick of the Week This isn't the best of the 3 issues so far, that would be #2, but it is the best of this week. The aftermath of Issue 2 is laid out as well as the plot of issue 4. This is a transition issue.

New Avengers #15: Continuing with the Fear Itself tie-ins (god, end already), this time focusing on Squirrel Girls opening day encounter with Sin’s Battletech Knock-offs. Of course, it uses the now over used post mission de-brief framing devise, so you know nothing bad really happened to her. It also tries to do a little elaboration on Wolverine’s expansion pack past and skim the surface of Logan and Doreen’s previous relationship (easy money bet: he slept with her as he was training her to be a ninja. We can then add statutory rapist to Wolverine’s resume since she isn’t much past 20 now and they hint at it being years ago). The issue does open with a heat segment of building up Wolverine by having him take down Iron Fist during a sparring session, only to have SG hold serve on him, thus making Wolverine officially the Worf of New Avengers. Go read TVtropes to get the references, god knows this is so paint by the numbers Bendis is.

Teen Titans #99: Second to last issue before the relaunch, and JT Krul and crew pull out all the stops, but not in a good way. The writing is crap, the art alternates between crowding the page and leaving massive areas of unused black space. There is a section where it looks like another page should have been as one panel has Ravager hitting Indigo with a sword and the next panel has all the baddies flying off to assault Titan’s Tower despite only Headcase and Inertia not being on the losing end of a fight the last time they were seen. Overall, disjointed and sub-mediocre.

Birds of Prey #15: The last issue of this run closes with something it hasn’t been before, average. It caps off the Phantom Lady story from last issue in an easily forgettable way all around.

Total Cost: $17.82

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