Friday, August 19, 2011

$30 Pull List for 8/17/2011

A heavy week means no extra pick ups, but after the past two light weeks with nothing else worth looking at on the shelves, I'll take it. Dive in the ink is fine for the $30 Pull List.

Zatanna #16: Adam Hughes gives us the best cover I have seen all year. Inside is a quick one and done fill in featuring Limbo Town, Fuzzy Slippers, Extradimensional Giants, and Cocoa Butter. Nice issue, but nothing outstanding.

Captain America #2: I have to give this issue the worst review I have ever given a Captain America comic written by Ed Brubaker, Forgettable. Entirely forgettable. To the point that when I first wrote this post, I forgot to put anything here about it, forgot I bought the issue. It took me 4 days and digging through the recent issues to remember I had said nothing about it.

Avengers Academy #18: Continues the (Give It Up Already!) Fear Itself crossover with the Cadets continuing to be hounded by Titania and Absorbing Man. Last ditch plans and dirty pool fail and the issue closes with a round about Micronaughts cameo. A step down from previous issues, but I’m blaming that on the dumb ass, drawn out crossover.

Powergirl #27:Pick of the Week Really good issue from a series that has been very good for most of it's run and now ends. Calculator comes up with a plan that has crossover written all over it (one that has a better basis than Fear Itself, Blackest Night or most recent mega-events) and used PG as his test subject. Too bad this is a plot that will probably be dropped in the reboot like everything else, because it deserves to be explored. The only issue is the coloring. What is it with DC's colorists and their easy to spot mistakes that editors glance over? First Titans, then JLA, now Powergirl. Is no one proofreading their work? DC's editorial department needs to step it up.

Uncanny X-Men #542: Now firmly in the Solid category, just as it gets cancelled, as Cyclops tosses everything at Hammer Bros. Juggernaut and fails. Kitty and Pete take a field trip with Illiyana and the end reveal has already been spoiled by the solicits for next month, so it is no spoiler to say, Colossus gets a power up. Look for major fisticuffs next issue.

Chopping Block:
Titans #38: Questionable art aside, if this comic wasn’t already cancelled, this would be the last issue I picked up. Poorly executed at just about every point, a shock cover that would have been at home in the Silver Age, and developing pointless plot threads that will most likely never be followed up on.

Fables #108: Another slow, story building issue that is superior to the Mr. Dark plot while dealing with the fallout. Nothing much happens, but at least it happens in an entertaining matter.

Justice League of America #60: Daniel Sampere is quickly rising in my favorite artists list. Not just because he came here and explained what happened with the coloring in issue #59, but because he gave me a two page spread with the Duke of Oil. The final issue of this run explains how this iteration of the League disbanded and hints at Dick's return to Nightwing. Art is good, writing is nothing to write home about.

Total Price: $34.53

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