Thursday, September 15, 2011

$30 Pull List for 9/14/2011

DC’s advertising and sales gimmick is working. Texas Comic Shop had sold out of both Suicide Squad and Batwoman by the time I made it there, and I grabbed the last copy of Resurrection Man. Now, are they any good? That’s a question that can only be answered by the $30 Pull List (Why is there not a new Question series? Dc can answer that one).

Cobra #5: Issue 5 picks up where #4 left off. Blood is on the move, Blacklight is on the move, Tomax is on the move, the Joes are on the move. Chameleon is pulled out of her bath and Steeler continues to double deal. A lot happening on too few pages, it builds tension, but feels rushed instead of tight. I’m normally OK with the dark and semi-obscure art in the Cobra title, it fits the tone and helps the mood, but this time, it made everything to indistinct and did not help the story being told.

Deathstroke #1:Pick of the Week I know how Slade feels on page 7. I spent about 10 years as a pro wrestler, 3 as a ref. Had good matches, had bad matches, the odd train wreck horror show embarrassment, and maybe even a 5 star classic or two in there. Safe to say, been around the block once or twice. I’m not the biggest guy, but at 5’9 and 200, I’m pretty solid. One time, my buddy Biggie asked me to come look at and work with some new rookies he had. That’s Page 7. What the hell was with these kids. Not a single one was old enough to drink, I had thirty pounds on the biggest, and there was only one guy who had any talent in the group. "What the fuck are they doing?" was all I could think. “What the Hell is this?” indeed Mr. Slade, indeed. Reminiscing aside, this is good, really good. It’s better than Batgirl, which makes it the best of the New 52 so far. Higgins, Bennett, Thibert, Wright bring it on all fronts, the Bisley cover is dynamite. It genuinely makes me giddy for issue 2, and for a jaded comics fan who lived through 1993 and has been reading for almost 30 years, that says a lot about how good this issue was. If the next issue is ¾ as good, this becomes an Perma-Pull .

Resurrection Man #1: Opens with an interesting twist, closes in a way that feels like Hellblazer, and that’s a good thing. It sits on the high end of middle of the road, not really blazing any new ground, but doing what it does well.

Criminal: Last of the Innocent #4: Bringing home the story of ersatz Archie who is willing to go the extra step to ensure his life is perfect. A fine finish to a good series.

Criminal Macabre: No Peace for Dead Men #1: Standard Steve Niles goodness with a twist ending that sets up the next limited series. With the exception of 30 Days of Night, I have loved everything I've read by Steve Niles, and this does not break that streak.

Chopping Block:
New Avengers #16: There is a saying on, to paraphrase “Tropes are not bad,sometimes they are just used poorly”. Bendis is in that zone. Daredevil kicks more ass than all the other Avengers have been doing, Daredevil shoots a big ass gun, Daredevil saves a baby, everyone sits around and says how awesome and cool Daredevil is. The last two issues have read like Bendis is picking a new character to demonstrate the Worf Effect with each month. One more month, and I’m out.

GI Joe: A Real American Hero #170: The quality is rising from issue 168’s low point. Snake, Storm, and Billy get the low down on Middle Master’s offshoot schools, Destro and Baroness find out about Darklon’s survival, the annoying Firefly plot is wrapped up in a thankfully quick manner, and Lady Jaye, Flint, and Roadblock deploy for a covert op.

Total Price: $27.54

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