Thursday, September 29, 2011

$30 Pull List for 9/28/2011

A week full of comics, but nothing really outstanding. A week when Teen Titans and Captain America disappoint is not a good week for comics.

GI Joe #5: A let down from previous issues, but really, the main GI Joe comic has been the weak link in the series since it started in Vol 1, not that the link is all that weak, just not as strong as Origins, Snake Eyes or Cobra. Baroness sets a trap for the Joes that backfires and results in her capture, leaving Krake thinking she is dead and has the upper hand. Now that the Joes have both Baroness and her doppelganger Chameleon, will they take the chance to put a mole in Cobra?

Snake Eyes #5: Also takes a quality dip as this one ties in with GI Joe main and Duke’s infection with an engineered super virus. A new player in the Cobra Civil War steps to the plate and is spreading chaos and destruction, but not targeting Joes directly. Still not bad, just not as good as issues 1-4.

Batman #1: Missed it last week, got it this week. Continuity Watch: It’s all in continuity baby, unless I tell you otherwise. Pretty good issue. Not the best Batman I’ve read, but it hits all the marks and really feels like the first episode of a new TV series. All the players get an intro, you get just enough characterization to establish their characters, and it leaves you halfway into the story and awaiting the next episode.

Spider Island: The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #2:Pick of the Week. Continues from last issue, Silver Sable has picked up Shang Chi and helps him track Bride of Nine Spiders to her lair, where we find that she is not fully in control of herself. A good comic in the tradition of Iron Fist/Immortal Weapons.

Avengers Academy #19: A Fear Itself Tie in. Concluding the Absorbing Man/Titania Fear Itself related plot, finally. The Cadets have their Mettle tested (literally and figuratively) and are forced to make the hard choices. In the end, one of them decided the best choice is to not be there. Once again, this comic is best when dealing with the drama and issues of being a hero as opposed to the actual heroics.

Chopping Block:
Secret Avengers #17: Let’s get this out of the way, this is the ugliest art work I have seen in a comic since the Peter David era of X-Factor (circa 1991). Not only is it bad, it’s inconsistently bad, as Kev Walker is not even able to stay bad for the same reasons from panel to panel. He also believes everyone is a child of Mick Jagger and Angelina Jolie who then got a collagen treatment. It’s even more remarkable because you have these wooden scowling giant lipped leatherfaces in the comic and then he pulls a single panel (last on page 6) that is sweet, emotional, perfectly shaded with the most expressive eyes I have seen in a comic, that is also totally out of character and out of place within the context of the scene. Valkyrie also found Michael Jackson’s stash of ‘80’s jackets and has taken to wearing them.
Story wise, this is the kind of high concept crazy Warren Ellis excels at, but this is definitely not his best work. It’s not even Black Summer level. This feels like a comic on the downward spiral and is running out of chances.

Justice League Black #1: For a comic that features some of my favorite characters involved in some of my preferred craziness, you think this would rate higher, but it's all intro and no plot. Sure, little June Moon has snapped, but there is no why and no one gets a chance to be explored. If you didn't already know who these characters were, this would do nothing for you. Even knowing who everyone is, this comic commits one of the few truly unforgivable sins in comicdom, it's boring.This gets another shot based solely on concept potential and Peter Milligan's past work. If you don't dig the concept or Hellblazer, just walk away from this, it isn't worth it.

Teen Titans #1: Red Robin is seeking to build a team of super teens before the mystery group NOWWHERE kidnaps them. There are already continuity issues, as DC has stated Cyborg is a founding Titan, but this appears to be the first group of Titans. It's not really bad, per se, it just isn't very good. Also, Red Robin can now fly and his wings/cape is bullet proof. He also seem estranged from Batman in this, but appears in the family scene of Batman #1, so that needs some clarification. It'll at least get the second issue.

Captain America and Bucky #622: This is rapidly approaching the dubious honor of being the first Ed Brubaker comic cut from the pull list. Much like JLB #1, it's boring, and this is despite there being a fight with a Nazi Ubermensch. I'm really not digging this and there is a very good possibility issue #623 doesn't make it home next month unless the week is light.

Total Cost: $32.38
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