Thursday, September 8, 2011

$30 Pull list for 9/7/2011

DC puts the new 52 on display. Thanks to the handy dandy Texas Comics frequent shopper card, I come in under budget and pick up a couple extras. Did miss Swamp Thing because Tom sold out by 1pm. Which I'm happy for, even though I missed an issue, anything that helps Tom stay open is good by me.

GI Joe: Cobra #4: Major Blood starts making his move, explains his motivations and lays out a compelling case for why he is the ideal candidate to be Cobra Commander, despite not believing he is a serious option. More spy games happen with the search for the mole inside the Joes. Cobra continues to be the most cerebral of the three IDW GI Joe titles.

Batgirl #1:Pick of the Week Continuity Watch: The Killing Joke is in continuity and happened 3 years ago in comic book time. Babs, freshly able to walk, is trying to slip into the old Batgirl tights and take to the streets, relearning her capabilities and discovering a new limitation. Gail Simone is rarely bad, and while this isn't top shelf, it's better than everything else this week.

Chopping Block:
Thunderbolts #163: The Second Sting T-Bolts play All This And World War 2 (if you get that, write and claim your Marvel Geek badge), winding up in 1944ish German as Namor and Cap A drop in to slug it out with some Nazis. Moonstone ramps up the Vamp/Psychological Warfare side of her that really makes the character fun, Satana is more interested in the next incarnation of Man-Thing than anything else as that storyline continues. It's actually better on reflection that it seemed while reading it.

Green Arrow #1:Damning with Faint Praise: It isn't as bad as the last Green Arrow run. Continuity Watch: Oliver Queen never lost Queen Industries, he also never got the sweet goatee. Continuity Question: His apparent age also indicates Conner and Mia aren't in continuity, but we could be surprised. Ollie busts some superpowered thrill seekers in France, Ollie misses a meeting. Does the set up, but nothing more. It gets a second issue, but I don't guarantee a third.

New Avengers Annual #1: Simon Williams's team of heroes takes it to the New Avengers to show them that they should disband and have made the world worse by existing. Simon's right, but his plan for getting them to stand down (aggravated assault and property destruction)is probably off the mark, considering no one is listening to him, I can understand his frustration, but I would have Wikileaked that crap until everyone was too embarrassed to keep the big A running. The real downside to this is the art, which is a case where less would have been more. I understand the attempt, trying to make the battle look as confusing and chaotic to the reader as it felt to the Avengers, but it is too much, too chaotic, too muddled, too difficult to follow.

Red Skull Incarnate #3: I like Greg Pak. Greg Pak got me to read Hulk and Hercules and care about the characters for the first time in, I don't know, since Secret Wars 1 maybe? But this dropped hard and fast. If the first issue had been this quality, I wouldn't have picked up #2. It is only here now because of Issue 1 and my hope that is finishes strong. Mediocre art with bad writing.

Death Row:
Justice League International #1: The first new DC title to get cut. Continuity Watch: The old JLI never happened, throw it all out, meaning the implications of those not happening really screw with other in continuity choices. This really tries to be a more light hearted and fun superhero comic, and fails horribly because it misses all the chemistry that made the old JLI fun. Not worth it, go read the trades.

Total Price: $20.72

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