Sunday, September 18, 2011

$30 Pull List New 52 Supplemental

Picked up three issues of the new 52 that had sold out at Texas Comic Shop. How do they stack up? Let's turn to the big board to find out on this, the first $30 Pull List Supplemental.

Demon Knights #1:Pick of the uhhh... Supplemental. Continuity watch: Sir Yustin(a) from Morrison's Seven Soldier of Victory is the Shining Knight circa approx. 1300. This means she never entered Castle Revolving, which means Seven Soldiers has changed. Madam Xanadu and Jason Blood team with Vandal Savage, Lady Yustin(a), an Amazonion named Exoristos and Al Jabr, an Arabian techie that dresses like a background character from Assassin's Creed against Mordu and Morgaine Le Fey. Xanadu also happens to be double timing Blood with Etrigan. Nice little issue that reminds me of the best of the most recent Shadowpact volume.

Suicide Squad #1: Continuity Watch: the part of Amanda Waller is now played by the actress from the "With a New Girl Friend" Allstate commercial. It hits all the Suicide Squad beats with Savant washing out about halfway through. Harley's outfit, which has been described a Juggalo Stripper and Suicide Girl Harely looks better inside than it does on the cover. It ends on a cliffhanger, or a skydiver. It's pretty good.

Death Row:
Swamp Thing #1: Continuity Watch: Death of Superman happened, as did Brightest Day and Blackest Night by association. This is bad. Slow, plodding, no development. Poor characterization, no plot to speak of, and thoroughly uninteresting.

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