Thursday, October 13, 2011

$30 Pull List for 10/12/2011

A rather light week, but nothing compelling on the shelves. Resurrection Man #2 didn't make it in this week, so it'll get picked up in a later pull list. Until then, let's look at what did arrive.

Deathstroke #2: Slade makes what is probably the bloodiest commercial in the history of TV that doesn’t involve my eventual rampage against all of reality television. Very good, very violent, but not as top notch as issue #1. The good thing is Slade looks to continue his filming of The Terms of Enrampagement as he seeks answers for the McGuffin he picked up in issue #1.

Suicide Squad #2: Another of the new 52 hits issue 2. The Squad stays even with the last issue, which makes it pretty good. It is darker than previous runs, both in art and writing, it also lacks chemistry between the characters, but that may come with time. Otherwise it is passable entertainment.

Batgirl #2: Babs gets the snot kicked out of her by a new Gotham psycho and keeps going following the trail. Determined, smart, and probably in over her head, it’s a good way to develop drama and anticipation for a hero. Now, if only DC would let Gail Simone write something else as well.

Demon Knights #2:
Pick of the Week Still in the same village as issue #1. The first wave is beaten and now comes the second as our heroes(?) decide to flee, only to be trapped by Mordru and Morgaine. Seems much more rushed than issue one, but not in a way that generates tension or excitement, more in a too much, too quick way. All the solid issues tie this week, so I pick Demon Knights for having the fewest flaws.

Blue Estate #6: A transition issue between action pieces sees Rachel schmooze and con the gangsters holding her brother, unwittingly setting up a confrontation between them, her husband, and her AA sponsor. This issues weaves the threads of the five plots together so that the whole mesh can be unraveled in the next 2 issues. Good, but not great, but there was bound to be a slow point in this series.

Death Row:
New Avengers #17: Any comic that starts with every hero carrying the idiot ball, playing hot potato with it, and then finishes them being stupider than when they started, doesn’t deserve to be read. When two of them are Spider-Man and Iron Man, two of the bigger brains in the MU, it is worse. This comic has been running at the edge of the abyss of crap for a while, and it is now over the edge. Good bye.

Total Cost: $20.50
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