Friday, October 21, 2011

$30 Pull List for 10/19/2011

Texas Comic Shop ran out of Catwoman #2 before I arrived. That combined with my frequent shopper card allowed me to squeak in just under budget. It’s the end of an era (or maybe error depending on how you received Schism) in Marvel while the New 52 marches on with DC’s flagship title.

Snake Eyes #6: Snake and Duke head out to extract the latest entry in the Cobra Commander race, while Scarlett holds down the fort. This story feeds directly off of the last ish of Snake Eyes and features the style of artwork and writing normally found in GI Joe, as opposed to the higher quality that we usually see in Snake Eyes. Still a good issue. Only problem I had was why Snake would be wearing his BDU pants straight legged instead of bloused.

Uncanny X-men #544: The last issue until the relaunch. Sinister narrates; Cyclops puts his past in a box. Beast says what I’ve been thinking. Not exactly action packed, but it brings the series to a close in a good enough fashion. If you haven’t been reading it, no point in starting now.

Mass Effect: Invasion #1:
To follow along with this, you have to have read the second and third novels, Ascension and Retribution. This is a sequel to Retribution, which takes place 1 year after Mass Effect 2. The art is pretty much the same as the previous two Mass Effect comics and the writing is below the Bioware standard, but it’s good enough. But, if you don’t like Mass Effect or have no clue about it, this is neither a good place to start, nor will it do anything to change your opinion.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #2:Pick of the Week We find out that Jason Todd did not head to the mystical city alone, he brought his friends along. We also find that he does have feelings for Kori, and despite her saying otherwise, she has them for him, and is feeling a little guilty over what happened with Roy. Like Avengers Academy, this is better when it focuses on the characters, not the action. A very good follow up. and Kori stays mostly clothed, wearing a business suit for the majority of the issue.

Birds of Prey #2: Helps the cause by upping the game. Katana joins the team and could be talking to spirits, or could be insane. Poison Ivy also makes her BoP debut in this issue. It ramps up the action, ramps up the characterization, and ramps up the storytelling. It needed all three.

Batman #2: If there is a week link in the New 52, it is poorly defined new villains. The Court of Owls is the latest. Their operative isn't introduced in a mysterious or suspenseful way. It's more of a "why should I care?" way. Otherwise, good issue here.

Fables #110: Once again, an issue that is only slightly better than the previous one. At this rate,BY 2014, Fables will have returned to the high point it hit when Boy Blue took the fight to the Gepetto. At least we are making forward progress in both quality and story lines.

John Constantine Hellblazer #284: Piphy and Gemma go on the hunt for John's lost coat, as John stumbles around with his abilities and reality out of control due to its loss. The art work is of a jarring style when compared to the previous issues, but we still get an awesome Bisley cover that tells the story in a glance.

Chopping Block:
GI Joe: A Real American Hero #171: The extraction of Darklon goes bad, Sneak Peek’s debrief continues, and a new ninja decides to put an RPG into the Arishikage Russian offshoot dojo. A lot happens for really nothing to happen. I was giddy for this coming back, but it’s worn on me. I have a feeling this will be my last issue after I take a night to sleep on it.

Justice League #2: Is a damned mess. The art work is over reliant on computer effects, the writing is either crap or every character besides the Flash and Cyborg (who isn’t Cyborg yet) is a flaming bag of asshole. Batman reigned it in a bit, from the raging dick he was last issue to annoying douche nozzle. Please, this needs to go somewhere, needs to do it quickly, and needs to do it very well to survive much longer.

Total Price: $29.80
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