Friday, October 28, 2011

$30 Pull List for 10/26/2011

A heavy week sees me over budget, but I was indecisive on the cut (after reading this weeks issues, the choice became obvious), so everything came home. Resurrection Man #2 finally came in for me, and I'm told Catwoman #2 will be in next week.

So, let's see what this week's pull list holds.

Teen Titans #2: Solstice made the cut. Skitter gets introduced. Kid Flash is officially Bart. Step up from the last issue, as we get more action and more character development. Still wondering about the history here, as Tim indicates there have been previous incarnations of the Teen Titans, despite DC saying this is the first (while claiming that Cyborg is a founding member).

Avengers Academy #20: One goes, seven join. A decompression issue that resolves Fear Itself (thank Odin) plot lines and begins moving the comic forward to its next arc. It does what it does best, focusing on the characters and not the costumes.

Justice League Dark #2:Pick of the Week Ok, I’m not following Hawk & Dove, and I didn’t follow Brightest Day, so I had no clue Deadman and Dove were an item, last I saw in BoP, Hawk was trying to establish a relationship with her. So that’s new. In issue 1 it didn’t register with me that that was Dove when June Moon showed up. Also new to me is the fact the Deadman is a letch and morally corrupt, willing to use the bodies he possesses in the worst ways, making him probably a rapist, as well as emotionally abusive and manipulative. Excellent work DC. Fortunately, Dove had enough sense and self-respect to walk out of him. Meanwhile, Constantine keeps samples from past loves, Zatanna enters a trance, and Madame Xanadu goes for the most obvious Xanatos Gambit there is. So obvious, I’m not sure it actually is a Xanatos Gambit and not just a Briar Rabbit ploy. But, it all stands up as good writing, good art work, and a good story.

Wolverine & The X-Men #1: Did you like the Crosstime Caper Era Excalibur? Tne you should like this. Aside from an odd choice of skin tone for the Illinois native Jewish girl Kitty Pryde, this was good. Witty, quick paced, and amusing. Not exactly an action packed comic, but still entertaining.

Cobra #6: We get Steeler's origin story and a slipping of entertainment value. Hopefully it is a momentary blip in quality. Nothing else to really say about this issue.

Spider Island: Deadly Hand of Kung Fu #3: A Kung-fu battle royale finishes off the three issue mini-series in a satisfying fashion. I'd still pay to read a Bride of Nine Spiders or Fat Cobra series (maybe a double feature?).

Secret Avengers #18: This is good Warren Ellis. Mad science, crazy action, and just on the far side of subversive. Shang Chi appears in 2 comics this month, as Commander Roger's heavy this time. Good stuff.

Captain America & Bucky #623: Bucky and Toro assign themselves to the rescue of a spy that results in the discovery of a concentration camp. Drama unfolds in a rather predictable fashion, but like a classic wrestling match, the conclusion is foregone, you are only watching for the execution. In this case, the execution was only a little above average. I expect more from a Brubaker Captain America book.

Chopping Block:
Resurrection Man #2: Not that this is bad. There is really nothing I can point out that is wrong with it, other than a Liefeld-esquely drawn bad gun and hand on one page, I'm just not feeling it. As I see that my comics habit has gotten worse since the New 52 launched, something has got to go, and it may just be Resurrection Man.

Death Row:
Red Skull Incarnate #4: with only 5 issues in the series, the slide to sub-mediocre couldn't take too long. With the second to last issue, we officially hit "This Sucks". A super-promising start ends with crap, and I won't be getting issue 5.

Total Price $36.70
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