Thursday, October 6, 2011

$30 Pull List for 10/5/2011

Light week allows me to pick up two extra issues in the Penguin and Huntress miniseries. A better than average GI Joe comic makes the pick of the week through the benefit of being just slightly better than everything else.

Gi Joe #6: Pick of the Week The Joes go to ground in Cobraville and encounter Cobra’s post Armageddon plan as a BAT has been deployed to protect the city. We also see that while the Joes have made headway against Cobra, Cobra kept the wheels within wheels turning and has put our side even more on the ropes than they know. Good, strong issue and a step up from #5.

X-Men: Schism #5: See previous blog post for this one.

Chopping Block:
Thunderbolts #164: Thunderbolts buys its life one issue at a time, living on the rag tag edges of disaster by putting out two issues of drek followed by an excellently executed exciting episode. That’s this one. Disguised as WW2 era heroes (a disguise for Satana that is both more modest and somehow sexier at the same time) they are torn between helping Captain America, not knowing how it will affect their own time line.

Green Arrow #2:Best thing about this issue is that the teaser for issue 3 hints at the return of Black Canary into Green Arrow's life. It hangs on due to the fact that JT Krul has 1 issue left before he is replaced with a more competent writer.

Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #1:Mr. Cobblepot is in the sweet spot on the Venn diagram where Michael Corleone, Buffalo Bill, and Norman Bates intersect. There is really nothing bad about this, I'm just not feeling it. If it is a heavy week when issue 2 streets, this will get a pass.

Huntress #1:Helena is in Italy tracking down human smugglers. Alludes to Batman and Superman, but does not come outright and say this is in/out of mainline continuity (word on the internet is it is the new Earth 2 that will feature the JSA). Suffers from the same problem as Penguin, nothing bad, just not doing anything for me.

Total Price: $21.58
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