Wednesday, November 9, 2011

$30 Pull List for 11/9/2011

Light week with not much compelling on the shelves. It also marks the 1st time for an All DC PULL LIST EXTRAVAGANZA!

Demon Knights #3: Xanadu buys time for preparations against Mordu’s horde at great expense. It doesn’t look good as only Vandal, Sir Yustin and Exoristos look ready to stand and fight at the end. Good issue, but suffers from a common plague amongst the New 52, it needs to pick up the pace a little.

Huntress #2: Stupid artwork mistake aside, Huntress #2 is really good. Being a limited series, there is an economy of storytelling that is missing from DC’s other fair that really helps the pacing. A good issue and a good follow up for #1. Now if we only knew how this fit into continuity.

Suicide Squad #3:Pick of the Week. Really close week this week, but the Squad snags the title for being more fun than any other comic this week. The dynamics of the team are explored and we begin to get insights into the characters, their personalities and motivations. We also learn that Waller has no intention of ever letting the Squad rest and is willing to rotate leadership if she is displeased or challenged.

Batgirl #3: The runner up for pick of the week. Babs misreads Mirror's intentions and gets many people killed for it. She also does a little romantic sparring with Nightwing. Good issue. Fun, but not as fun as the Squad.

Chopping Block:

Resurrection Man #3: It’s actually the same quality as previous issues, but it isn’t going anywhere fast enough. 60+ pages and we still barely have a plot, almost 40 pages of being in the same hallway. This is ultra-decompressed storytelling, but the characters aren’t compelling enough to carry it.

Deathstroke #3: How many issues does it take for balls to the wall action with minimal plot to get old? The answer is 3. There is a reason old Judge Dread ran about 5 pages a story, there is a limit to how much the average reader will take before wanting more. Higgins delivers the chaos, now can he deliver some plot?

Total Price: $19.42
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