Thursday, December 8, 2011

$30 Pull List for 12/07/11

Another light week for the pull list. Only 5 issues this week made it home. So, lets see what we got.

GI Joe #8: The new Cobra Commander is crowned (helmeted?) then another contender steals the title by proving to be a better manipulator and schemer. GI Joe is under a congressional inquiry and things are not going well for Destro.

Penguin Pain and Prejudice #3: Red Skull started out strong, then sunk quickly. P^3 started weak and has gotten better. This issue explores the two sides of Oswald Cobblepot while Batman looks on. Very good character work.

Hellblazer Annual 2011:Pick of the Week With the awesome covers and the legendary stylized work in Heavy Metal, I sometimes forget Bisley is still really good a sequential story telling. John is forced to confront something from his past and how it affects the future. Once again, it shows that people who get close to John meet with tragedy.

Huntress #3: Huntress is still tracking her target but having trouble getting the shot she needs. Half way through the series and still going strong.

Chopping Block
Green Arrow #4: Favorite thing about this issue is that JT Krul's name is not on the cover. A step in the right direction, but it still needs to get better before it becomes solid. Giffen will get at least 3 issues to impress me.

Total Price: $19.43

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