Thursday, December 15, 2011

$30 Pull List for 12/14/2011

Well, a moderate week tempered by the handy dandy frequent shopper card. Let's see what makes the cut on this week's Pull List.

Batgirl #4: Babs uses her best attribute, her brains, to set a trap for Mirror and change the battlefield to one that she controls. A heartwarming moment is interrupted by someone I'm not sure Barbara really wants to see. Nice wrap up for the first story arc.

Suicide Squad #4: Pick of the Week Proving that Blackest Night/Brightest Day is no longer in continuity, the Squad, lead by Captain Boomerang 1 goes on a retrieval mission where the ransom for their target is has an unexpected price. The issue ends with less than 20 minutes to live, the Squad has to stop a riot that may have one of their own at it's heart.

Blue Estate #8: A transition issue that opens the next chapter after issue 7's climax. It's the expected lull as plost start to wrap themselves up.

Avengers Academy #23 In what I am sure is not a coincidence, X-23 joins the band. Stryker and Julie Powers have a heart to heart, and Reptil is still his future self and playing a game to ensure his family isn't erased from history. Despite all that, this has was a weak issue for the series, but not as weak as the Fear Itself tie-ins.

Chopping Block
Demon Knights #4 Why did this slip? Start with a new origin for the Shining Knight that invalidates the superb Seven Soldiers of Victory, makes the character a fairly generic knight figure, and happens to be a boring waste of 3/4s of the issue. That's why this slips.

Deathstroke #4 Why did this slip. Because as amusing as Slade going psycho-killer on everyone was for 3 issues, by 4, I want more. And the little bit of plot this had was not enough. Even the BIZ cover was lackluster.

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