Wednesday, December 21, 2011

$30 Pull List for 12/21/2011

Had to make budget this week, so someone gets the axe. Who is it? Let’s find out in the $30 Pull List.

Hellblazer #286:Pick of the Week Consistency is good when you keep it at a high level. Hellblazer does just that. Wrapping up the Trenchcoat plot and continuing on with the tale of Gemma and John’s search for peace between them, this issue hits all the marks you want it to.

Catwoman #4: Judd Winick continues to bring the good on Catwoman. Not as good at 1-3, but good enough to be rated a solid and not slip.

Wolverine and the X-Men #3: Speaking of continuing to bring the good. WATX is more of the old Excalibur crazy goodness that starts confusing, gets more confusing, then manages to wrap itself up in a thoroughly non-confusing and humorous manner. Sometimes, you just want a fun superhero comic, and right now, this is the only one on the shelves.

Cobra #8: With the Cobra Civil War over, the new Commander starts to set the business of global domination on a new track. A brief interlude that helps establish the new status quo.

Chopping Block:
Birds of Prey #4: Dropping hard this week. Steals a plot point from Batman. Tells, doesn’t show. Writing is off. Character moments are almost nonexistent. Not a good issue.

Thunderbolts #167: Slipping down again is Thunderbolts. Nothing particularly bad here, just not very good, and in a heavy week, not very good gets you a down grade.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #4: I believe Asimov said, “Get the little things right and people will buy the big things.” Or it might have been Clarke. Either way, Red Hood and the Outlaws fails to get the little things right, and it hurts this issue in a big way. I will accept, even encourage cheesecake art and poses if you got a decent story to tell, but you haven’t got one here. You also have the dumbest B story I have read this year happening with Starfire in a moment ripped from Superman 2.

Justice League #4: Continues with being the dumbest, most inept, egotistical, poorly written, muddled artwork mess on the stands today. DC needs to scrap their “Flagship” title and take it back to the drawing board in very short order.

Mass effect Invasion #3: Still the worst of the Mass Effect tie-ins. Still incomprehensible if you haven’t played the 2 games and read the 3 novels, and reading the other comics wouldn’t hurt as well.

Death Row:
GI Joe: A Real American Hero: Didn’t even make it home. I looked at my stack, knew it was too rich for the week and gave it the axe. Good night.

Total Price: $32.93
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